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Cinamatic App Review Show Notes

Show Notes


Hey, It's Jazmin and this is Living Digital. Where we talk about apps, technology, marketing and innovation. I'm Jazmin, digital resident and explorer. Today I'll be giving you guys a review of an App called Cinamatic

Cinamatic (spelled C-I-N-A-M-A-T-I-C) is a video alteration app that lets you record short clips for up to 15 seconds and apply filters to them. This app comes from the same people who brought us Hipstamatic. If you can remember all the way back to 2009 you’ll remember an app came out for the iphone that let users transform their digital photos into nostalgic analog versions. If you’re thinking "yeahhh that's instagram...that goes to show that first to market doesn’t always guarantee success" A fast company article from 2011 says it may have been due to negative press and features that didn't stick". Either way, they’re back, roughly a year after vine began to make waves.

I initially learned about this app after reading about it on mashable. I was familiar with Hipstamatic and I decided to look in to it and I was pretty impressed. The video recording functionality isn't new but Cinamatic executes it in a clean and easy way

So, this is how it works. You hold down the  record button, capture a range of clips, or one 15 second clip. Next, you choose from 5 filters, which they refer to as "film", you hit process  then share via email, text or social media.

Seems pretty basic but 3 features DID stand out to me. Number 1. The Speed. The preview and application of the filter is done within seconds Number 2. You can save unfinished clips and go back later. And 3, social sharing is very convenient because you share the videos in the traditional way- email and text, But you can also upload the video to vine, instagram and facebook .I know a few people who have a low tolerance for maintaining more than one social media account, so this is a helpful consolidation. 

So, here are a few disclaimers. Even though the app has the option to record a clip and go back later. There have been 2 instances where I've gone back and my recording was gone or it only partially saved. So hopefully fix that bug in the next update. The next disclaimer is for those who may not like the filter options. As I have described, it give the videos a nostalgic feel but everyone may not want their videos to look like you need to hit the side of the TV or adjust the bunny ears. That was an age test for ya.

But Overall I have been having fun using this app. Whether you are capturing classic moments with your friends or making your beach vacation look like the opening sequence of the wonder years  chances are people will ask what you used. I'll likely keep it on my phone. Everybody loves a comeback.