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Kim Kardashian Hollywood App Review Show Notes

Show Notes


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Today I will be doing an app review of a certain addictive game .

This week I downloaded an app that I’m kind of surprised exists. The Kim Kardashian Hollywood app. Either way, I was curious and figured the podcast was a good opportunity to fill you guys in…if games are your thing.

Ok, let me walk you through the various stages of playing this game.

Stage One: “Kim Kardashian has a game” (insert snarky remark)

Now in this stage I was trying to figure out what the point of the game was. I’ve been told that I’m a competitive person, so I wanted get the rules so I could knock it out ASAP and have some “ironic bragging rights” for twitter.”  Based on the app store description, the point is to create a celebrity and help them get to fame and fortune. So, here I am starting at the “bottom” as a boutique sales girl when, Kim, who talks me into giving her free clothes and looks 10 times better than my avatar says I could be a spokesperson. And that’s how the journey starts. Before you know it you’re being introduced to agents, publicists, promoters and models, but let me not get ahead. Let’s go to

Stage 2: Becoming a Star

Before I understood how to make adjustments to my avatar I just stumbled through the different settings with a Caucasian, cut off tee wearing, mousy brown hair having avi. But when I did find the changing room it felt like I hit the jack pot…almost. They have 5 skin tones to choose from. None being my own but it’s cool. You can also choose facial features, makeup, accessories and hair. They didn’t have locs, so, I went with the largest eyes and lips they had and kept it moving.  They start you out with basic outfits, but you have more options the further in the game you get.

Stage 3: “So, What does that Symbol Mean”

At this point, I get the object of the game which is to go from nobody to A-lister by completing a series of tasks. The only skill you really need is to quickly tap the symbols related to the task at hand in order to replenish your energy supply. So, I swear it feels like there are like 28 different symbols in this game. We’ve come a long way from sonic coins. Let’s see, there’s cash, energy, fame, love , regular stars and K stars which helps you get luxury items…AND helps you bribe people.  Which leads me to

Stage 4: “This Feels Dirty”

Aside from the fact that prize collection consists of picking money up off the ground, the game repeatedly lets me know that dating a lot is the best way to get points. I could, flirt, eat and drink with my date but the one of the most valuable actions was to kiss them. I was like “I don’t know this guy’s last name” but yeah, … I guess there could be worse actions programmed into the game.

Stage 5: “I hate her”

This is the moment when you realize this ocelot owning, tiny waisted, bi-coastal heifer is REALLY prospering while you are on you’re sitting on your phone somewhere NOT owning an exotic animal.

Stage 6: “Is $5 a lot on money”

If you haven’t heard, a Bloomberg report estimates that this game could hit 200 million in revenue by the end of the year. And it’s because of those magic words “IN. APP. PURCHASES”  (ECHOES). Like Candy Crush, you have to accumulate live (or energy in this case). In a game where you’re promised so many “experiences” it’s not surprising that some players get impatient. Especially when you have to wait almost an hour to have enough energy to do one task.

So where am I now? Well, I’m networking, throwing drinks on people, and working in Kim’s Miami clothing store. I’m nowhere near the top yet. If this was a SPONSORED podcast I could probably be an A-lister in 2 weeks.

So, is this game for you? Lets weigh the pros and cons


It’s really easy to play

Everything is colorful and bright

The characters are attractive and customizing your avatar can be fun

They use ambient sound to make the experience more immersive

You can connect with your friends within the game.

It’s provides plenty of marketing opportunities for companies. Do you remember “Second Life”. It’s an entire virtual world where people interact with others, make money buy property, and basically create the reality that you want. You could be a rabbit married to a mermaid living in Santa’s guest bedroom. You know? That kind of thing.

The point is I’m sure companies can really benefit. If Tom Ford released a gown within the game some people would be invested enough that they would to pay $15 just so that they can shoot up on the leader board. The possibilities are endless really.

Now here are the cons:

1. The screen is cluttered with various symbols, tasks, and messages. Which is distracting and doesn’t make it easy to complete the assignments.

2. Tapping the prize symbols takes a little TOO much precision. I have small hands but still had issues.

3. There needs to be guidance for ways to interact with your friends. I know someone who accidentally started dating her niece because it was so unclear.

4. There should be diversity in the body type you can choose for your avi. It needs to be more customizable in general. The game is rated 12 and up so kids are living through images that don’t necessarily reflect them. To be honest I wouldn’t let a 12 year old play this game. They don’t need to deal with these adult problems and questionable moral dilemmas anyway.

But for the rest of us waiting in line at the DMV or taking the bus home from work, it’s just mindless fun.


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